Simple Fixed Fees

The Wright Firm can often provide legal support and administration for a fixed fee. Types of work done with a fixed fee rate include uncontested probate, most uncontested guardianship issues, tax preparation and basic estate planning packages. The type of administration determines whether or not it will be a flat fee or hourly. Once you meet with a lawyer at The Wright Firm in an initial consultation, we will be better able to quote a fee.

Hourly Fees

Cases that are contested or require more administration than normal will be billed at an hourly rate. Since there is no way to estimate the time it will take to complete these types of cases a fixed fee cannot be applied. Once your attorney hears the facts at the initial consultation they will be better able to give you an estimate of the time needed to see your situation through. Hourly fees are based on your attorney’s and legal assistant’s billable rate.

Contingency Fees

In very special circumstances The Wright Firm will consider working on litigation cases on a contingent basis. Contingent fee agreements are only valid in civil cases and in cases where the amount of work required would not be feasible for the client until the case is settled. Once you meet with Paul Wright in an initial consultation he will determine whether your case meets the criteria for a contingency based fee agreement.